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Music in education

 Music in education

Why is it important in music education?

Many people would say that is totally unnecessary, something really silly but lacking utility ...
Creativity? The feeling and the love of art?
Everyone has the right, from the youngest to the oldest to access and stay in touch with the music, gives us a sense, gives us a useful touches our innermost fibers form needed to achieve a personality and a strong character.

Studies say it is very necessary for the development of the self in early childhood.
So you know, the next time you read a book to study, start the player and listen to some music in the background, will help a lot.

The University - Importance / First Part

                                                             In the last years, the universities
 -Had considerable increase
- Increasing the size of these.
- Increased in the number of students 
- Increased fields of study 
- Increased the number of teachers and departm 
- Had a internationalization of higher education 
- Had Intense debate on higher education

Society and the University

The University should promote research, sociological studies, conferences, publications. Involving advances in the field of reflection and guidance action to the various aspects of social problems.
Should include materials that allow students to reflect on social issues.
Debates of the last 10 years of UNESCO stressed that higher education contributes social progress.
There are many studies that determine the importance of training people in the economic growth and welfare.
• Education can generate your own and technical innovations and assimilate innovations from other countries.
• Education improves the competitiveness of goods and services.
The skilled labor is a factor in attracting international investment.

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Music Carreer - Orchestal Conducting - UCA

5.0 years

Degree in Orchestral Conducting

An undergraduate

Profile Title

The proposed degree in orchestral conducting the training of professionals trained in musical performance in the field of conducting, based primarily on body contact with a comprehensive and suitable instruments for the implementation of the conceptual, ethical, physical and gestural, training the concept of interpretation and communication.

It covers the study, analysis, experimentation and practice intense orchestral conducting all kinds of procedures, textures and musical aesthetics through the development of imagination, inventiveness and sensitivity in solving problems gestural interpretation.

Looking beyond the mere context of the specific suitability of combining the technical knowledge needed to control the sound material with research techniques, the thorough study of music history and vision of the subjects of philosophical and theological nature.The graduate acquires a lineup that includes:

1. Knowledge of the techniques necessary to manage the audio material.
2. Knowledge and experience in orchestral conducting from all genres, procedures, textures and musical aesthetics.
3. Basic knowledge of research techniques.
4. The ability to solve the problems of interpreting the language of Western music from its origins to the present.
5. The ability to prepare and conduct various instrumental ensembles, mainly symphonic and chamber orchestras.
6. The ability to lead musical preparation and presentation of opera, ballet, musical comedy and musical theater.
7. The ability to provide advice within the activity area of ​​the orchestra.8. The ability to study and research.

Scope of Title:

Bachelor's Degree in Orchestral Conducting enable graduates to:
1. Prepare and conduct various instrumental ensembles, mainly symphonic and chamber orchestras.
2. Musically directing preparation and presentation of opera, ballet, musical comedy and musical theater.
3. Advise and direct institutions dedicated to the dissemination of music and conduct studies and research, evaluate and advise individuals and institutions within the specific area of ​​interpretation.

Personal opinion: it is an excellent choice if your goal is to be a conductor of orchestra, I recommend it 100%

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Difficulties presented by the students in college

Among the difficulties that we get students in the college include:

Inappropriate choice: this difficulty is one of the most common among the student, and most of the time this happens because we let ourselves be influenced by comments, rumors or just finished a career student but chose not been chosen by our parents .
Lack of information: just one of the fundamental reasons for which the student falls into the error of making the wrong choice about what to study, because sometimes they are driven by and limited experience of others with little information is within the curriculum of certain courses without being clear what their content and level of difilcutad.
Ignorance of one's personal situation, it happens that you can find students for lacking a little motivation or simply do not know why go through when starting university life, choose to take to pursue any career, regardless if indeed that is what they want to study and then perform at a job site and never have liked it that much less study and the work done.
Presents particular demands every race, every race has a different level for each person difilcutad since there are those about matters makes it more than another, because if you do not have the information and is not a good choice when choosingthe race that present problems and increase requiring the student may lose interest in studying, for that reason should be clear about the curriculum to study in the race, the difficulties the student may have to approve it, and the study and interest that deserves to be a college student.

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Music in School/College

Few people at school / college listening to good music.
If not by the influence of parents or the boy's interest in listening to , music.
The school and the college brings plenty of cultures and musical tastes, it is very useful and interesting as they relate to each other and thus each person gives to know their tastes over other.

¿What is your musical taste?

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