sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

Difficulties presented by the students in college

Among the difficulties that we get students in the college include:

Inappropriate choice: this difficulty is one of the most common among the student, and most of the time this happens because we let ourselves be influenced by comments, rumors or just finished a career student but chose not been chosen by our parents .
Lack of information: just one of the fundamental reasons for which the student falls into the error of making the wrong choice about what to study, because sometimes they are driven by and limited experience of others with little information is within the curriculum of certain courses without being clear what their content and level of difilcutad.
Ignorance of one's personal situation, it happens that you can find students for lacking a little motivation or simply do not know why go through when starting university life, choose to take to pursue any career, regardless if indeed that is what they want to study and then perform at a job site and never have liked it that much less study and the work done.
Presents particular demands every race, every race has a different level for each person difilcutad since there are those about matters makes it more than another, because if you do not have the information and is not a good choice when choosingthe race that present problems and increase requiring the student may lose interest in studying, for that reason should be clear about the curriculum to study in the race, the difficulties the student may have to approve it, and the study and interest that deserves to be a college student.

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